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As some of you are aware Balmorra has a puzzle where you have to power-up transformers to cause an Anti-Air cannon to shoot down a ship.

This puzzle is a bitch because:

A) It's in a Heroic Area so there's mob clusters.
B) If anyone else is working on the puzzle (or just randomly runs up and hits the glowing clicky thing (who doesn't?)) it RUINS whatever progress you've made.

So grab a partner and..

Stand at where the wires run into the AA gun and face outwards towards the building in the distance. You will note that its essentially a 3x3 grid with wires running between the posts. You will notice that the monitors on the posts have a screen that is either glowing yellow (on) or dark (off).

No go to:

Set it to a 2 color 3 by 3 grid.

Click 'Edit'..

Click on the balls to turn the ones that are /off/ on your grid to /red/.
Click on the balls to turn the ones that are /on/ on your grid to /blue/.

Once your grid on the website matches your grid on the game hit 'solve'.

It will indicate which positions you need to click. So proceed out amongst the mobs and click on those positions (you can click while being attacked).

When done successfully the guns will shoot and a ship will crash on the right-side of the AA gun. Click on its door and the quest is solved.

"Bob, that sounds like an annoying quest. It's an awesome reward, right?"

CHOICE: 1 Balmorra Commendation /or/ 1 Blue Mystery Item Box
+16K XP
+5K Credits

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